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Home Team BBQ

Allison Pattillo
Two Meat Combo Platter with sliced brisket, half rack of ribs, collard greens and smoked chicken and white bean chili
Jeremy Wallace/The Aspen Times
IF YOU GO ... 38750 Highway 82, in The Inn at Aspen 970-236-2040 hometeambbq.com NOT TO MISS New for the summer, Jerky & Smoked Bar Nuts are an ideal grab and go snack for all of your summer adventures. Not only is the patio dog-friendly, it’s a great spot to hang out for an afternoon or evening, especially on Friday nights when there’s live music. The fried chicken dinner, on Tuesday nights, is finger-licking good, and then some.

You can smell the tantalizing aroma of roasted meat before you even pull into the parking lot of Home Team BBQ. And, although the restaurant doesn’t celebrate the 3-year anniversary of their Aspen location—they are based out of South Carolina—until December, its mouth- watering food and casual atmosphere have made them a local mainstay. Everything, from the brisket, pulled pork and ribs to the chicken, sausage and turkey, is smoked on site with white oak. According to chef Kyle Wilkins, a defining characteristic South Carolina barbecue is that it’s cooked over low heat. Wilkins starts meats over a hot re to develop the smoke ring and distinctive bark. Then, to keep the finished product juicy, he transfers meat to a slow-cooking grill until they are ready. The results are enough to coax a vegetarian to the dark side, even though there are vegetarian options on the menu, including black bean tacos, deliciously innovative salads and even smoked salmon for pescatarian diners.

One thing not to miss is Fiery Ron’s Smoked Chicken Wings. These are not your standard, one- note wings. Dry rubbed, smoked, flash fried and served with Alabama White Sauce and the optional Death Relish, they are just the thing to wet your whistle for a beer or a frozen Game Changer (a slushy with a double rum punch).

Fiery Ron’s Smoked Chicken Wings served with a side of Death Relish (Jeremy Wallace/The Aspen Times)

“These wings put us on the map,” says Wilkins.

Duke’s Real Mayonnaise, a Southern-staple, is the key ingredient in Alabama White Sauce, and helps give these wings their a tang that pairs well with the already smokey and sweet wings, caramelized by the dry-rub. Homemade sauces, salsas and relishes compliment the rich, smoky flavors of Wilkins’ BBQ.

BBQ Nachos with pulled pork (Jeremy Wallace/The Aspen Times)

“Our nachos feature three salsas—pico de gallo, salsa verde and carrot-jalapeno— and are finished with chimichurri sauce for a bright finish,” according to Wilkins.

Likewise, the sweet heat and acidity of the jalapeño and carrot Death Relish are a tasty compliment to smoked meats. If you want to add a saucy touch to your dry-rubbed meats, you have six varieties of barbecue sauce to choose from, including mustard sauce, and vinegar sauce, plus the more familiar sweet and hot versions.

For a family-style cookout, grab one of the outside tables and order “The Board” for a complete dinner for four to six people, including wings, ribs, pulled pork, sausage and turkey, with three sides, bread and pickles. And if you can’t make it for lunch or dinner, they serve a full breakfast from Memorial Day to Labor Day and during the ski season, plus weekend-brunch year-round.


Prices: Breakfast, $4 to $15.95; brunch, $10.95 to $17.95; snacks, $5.50 to $15.95; salads and sandwiches, $13.95 to $15.95; meats, $13.95 to $27.95

Ambience: Comfortably rustic setting with a view.

Signature Dishes: Huevos rancheros get the Home Team touch with pulled pork and flavorfully spicy carrot jalapeño salsa; smoked wings with Alabama white sauce (we recommend adding a side of death relish); the sliced brisket; chicken cracklings when available; fried ribs (deep fried single ribs, tossed in Alabama white sauce and served with death relish); baked queso with chorizo, poblanos, grilled corn and jalapenos; green salad (yes, at a BBQ restaurant) with greens, cabbage, shaved fennel, celery, chimichurri, jalapenos and a lemon vinaigrette; BBQ nachos served with your choice of protein or even chili, three salsas, guacamole, crema, chimichurri and plenty of cheese.