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Capitol Creek Brewery

story by Carla Jean Whitley photos by Chelsea Self
Details: Capitol Creek Brewery, 371 Market St., 970-279-5723, Prices: Dishes range from $9.95-$13.79 for salads, $12.95-$14.95 for sandwiches, $15-$26 for “big plates” (entrees). Brunch is $8-$14. Ambience: Capitol Creek Brewery is a spacious, airy restaurant with modern décor. Signature dishes: Beet and butternut salad, which also features pickled onion, goat cheese, kale field greens, walnuts and balsamic dressing; Creek Cubano, made of roasted pork shoulder, house-smoked Canadian bacon, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard served on a torta; Capitol “Burger,” served with your choice of a beef patty, grilled chicken or Beyond Beef veggie burger. Not to Miss: Brunch from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.  on Saturdays and Sundays, choose from Tex Mex-inspired options as well as classic brunch beverages; Really love the food? Want to show your appreciation? $10 buys a round of beers for the kitchen.

Regulars at Capitol Creek Brewery may have noticed a few recent changes. The brewery’s beer is as popular as ever, with flagships like the House Ale and RFG IPA anchoring a rotating lineup. The physical space remains open, airy and energized, with 170 seats between the restaurant and patio.

But the menu? Yep, that’s seen  a facelift.

Executive Chef Dan Beach joined the 1-year-old brewpub in May, bringing years of expertise from his role as a business partner at Base Camp in Snowmass. After becoming a father earlier this year, Beach was ready for a less-seasonal setting. Capitol Creek wanted to ensure its food was on par with its beer.

“People come in here for beer,” Beach says. The 15 or so bar seats fill up every night, and community tables often spill over with people ordering drinks. But “(it’s) not really thought of as a food destination yet.”

Beach immediately got to work on reshaping the menu. Within weeks of his start, the restaurant began featuring potential summer menu ideas as specials. That allowed Beach and the team to gauge customer response to the items and then find a permanent space for the top sellers. Lunch and dinner now feature identical menus. That means lunch offers more extensive options than before, whereas dinner is streamlined. That will ensure customers don’t have to wait as long when things get busy, Beach says.

“It’s easier on the staff. It’s easier on the customer,” he explains.

The menu items also pair well with Jerod Day’s beers. The smoked meat platter, for example, pairs especially well with RFG IPA or Hidden Castle Tripel IPA. The summer menu’s market veggie platter will match well with the Pineapple Blonde. And burgers—one of the most popular menu items—pair well with virtually every beer.

As the summer progresses, Beach hopes to see the restaurant establish its own reputation in Basalt and the Roaring Fork Valley.

“There’s a lot of competition down here,” Beach says. “We’re trying to keep it different and a little bit of a different vibe.”