YETI Cooler With Magnets, Coming Next Year |

YETI Cooler With Magnets, Coming Next Year

Stephen Regenold
The Gear Junkie

Move over, zippers, YETI has something different planned. Next year, the Texas-based company will replace the beefy zippers in its soft-side coolers with embedded magnets.

The result is the new Hopper M30, a product that looks similar to many soft-side coolers on the market — it has a shoulder strap, two daisy chains down the front, and a large top opening.

But in that opening lies a closure unlike any other I’ve seen. Instead of a big, heavy zipper or clamshell configuration, magnets hold the lid of the M30 closed.

The brand claims the combination of magnets and a fold-over top creates an “ultra leak-resistant” closure.

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