Wintersköl 1980

“Wintersköl toasts another century,” noted the Aspen Times on January 17, 1980. “Wintersköl 1980 officially begins Aspen’s centennial celebration. This year’s Wintersköl theme Toast to Another Century, is an obvious reference to Aspen’s centennial year. Activities begin today with a few Wintersköl events planned. Starting tomorrow, Friday Jan. 18, with Highlands Day, locals and tourists alike can get immersed in Wintersköl mania for three days. Anyone wearing a Wintersköl pin can ski for only $12 at the Aspen Highlands on Friday, versus the regular $16 lift rate.” The article goes on to note the many events planned for the weekend, including a day each dedicated to Aspen, Highlands and Snowmass. This image shows a group competing in the linked-arm slalom race at Highlands; the rules stated that racers must keep arms locked at all times, and all were required to wear costumes.