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What’s In Your … Winter X Games photographer pack

Planning on attending Winter X Games in Aspen this year? Take a look around and you may catch a glimpse of Aspen Times photographer Anna Stonehouse perched on the side of the superpipe, hiking up the slopestyle course or patiently waiting at the base of the big air jump. This is the third Winter X Games Stonehouse has photographed for The Aspen Times, so she’s got packing her photographer’s bag down to a science. Check out what she carries with her throughout the day to make sure she’s always prepared to capture the perfect shot.

Of course Stonehouse always has her camera ready to go when she’s out at X Games. In addition to her camera, she carries different lenses and a backup battery so no matter the circumstances she can get the shot.

Covering Winter X Games requires lots of hiking up and down snowy and sometimes slick hills and superpipes, so to make sure she stays upright, Stonehouse always brings along YakTrax.

One of the most important things Stonehouse always makes sure she has plenty of are hand warmers and feet warmers. Since she’s constantly taking her hands out of her gloves to snap pictures and take video, hand warmers are essential to keeping her fingers functioning and staving off frostbite on those bitterly cold evenings. Feet warmers are equally as important because even the warmest boots can’t keep the cold from seeping in when you’ve been standing on packed snow for hours.

Winter X Games Aspen runs from Thursday through Sunday, and for those covering the event days can start as early as 9 a.m. and go until 11 p.m., which makes 5-hour Energy an essential part of this photographer’s X Games bag.

Scouts aren’t the only ones living by the motto “Be Prepared.” Stonehouse always has some business cards with her, because you never know who you’re going to meet at X Games, sunscreen for those sunny days on the slopestyle course and pencils, pens and a notebook.

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