Wear It: Church and State Optics Jaded ski goggles

by Lauren Glendenning
The Jaded ski goggle, in jade green.
Church and State Optics/Courtesy photo |

Church and State Optics

Church and State Optics, started in Vail, offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s ski goggles, sunglasses and ski belts. Visit to shop.

On an overcast ski day when the light is flat, there’s nothing more satisfying — besides fresh powder, of course — than a pair of Colorado-designed goggles that can handle the conditions.

Made in Italy but designed and tested in Vail, Church and State Optics has plenty of styles for all kinds of weather. But it’s the “Jaded” style — with a multi-layered yellow base lens with citrus-purple ombre finish — that crushed a recent powder day on Aspen Mountain and turned this snowboarder into a Church and State believer.

After 19 inches of snow fell in 24 hours earlier this month, the storm hadn’t moved out by the time the gondola started rolling. At the top of the mountain, the fog set in and wind and snow made things difficult to see — but the Jaded goggles saved the day.

Fussing around with goggles is a time-suck on a powder day, so finding a low-maintenance pair that enhances flat-light sight is critical — especially because Coloradans are so used to sunshine.

Church and State Optics founder Kate Wingard created the brand as an extension of her loves for style, culture integrity and the outdoors, she says.

“Surprisingly awesome, it’s become a bit of a cult following,” she says. “I get shout-outs from customers who are buying their fourth or fifth pair! It’s always a proud moment to see others enjoying the vision I have worked so hard to bring to life.”

The jade green ski goggle frame comes with a translucent, gloss finish and a gold metallic Lurex strap. The two high-definition lenses available include all-around rose or low-light citrus ombre, which tested amazingly well during a storm.

The retail price on the Jaded ski goggles is $149, but they’re currently on sale for $50 at