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Warming up at Gwyn’s at Snowmass always a good call

We had every intention of bringing you a fresh, spring-is-in-the-air Libation this week, but alas, the weather was more like January than April this past weekend around Aspen (and we’re not complaining.)

So, after a few chilly, early-morning runs this weekend at Snowmass, we went inside to warm up at one of the best on-mountain spots in the area: Gwyn’s High Alpine. Remodeled in 2016, the haunt has a sweet bar area right when you walk in.

The menu of warm drinks isn’t a big stretch from what you might typically find at a mountain stop, but they’ve got some nice combinations and an incredibly warm atmosphere.

Coming off a couple first-chair laps on Big Burn, we made our way to the High Alpine lift for a few more as the weather again rolled in. Making the executive decision for a break about two hours into the morning, the bar area was beginning to fill in.

As much as Snowmass Ski Area has a variety of terrain, the variety of warm drinks runs from coffee and tea to hot cocoa and apple cider.

My go-to is usually the Nutty Irishman, which always makes me smile and think of my grandmother’s family, the Donahue dancers who performed in vaudeville. Along with the hot chocolate, the Nutty includes a solid shot of Bailey’s and then a splash of Frangelico.

Chocolate and Irish cream liqueur are a heavenly match, throw in a bit of the hazelnut liqueur (it’s just 20 percent alcohol by volume) and you have a hint of a Hersey’s with almonds and can enjoy some time by the bar’s fireplace.

Grab a bit of apple crisp from the restaurant (hint, ask them to warm it up), and you’ve got a solid reboot to the morning and in time to get back on the hill while the crowds come in for lunch.

And while we’re still expecting more bluebird days than cloudy and windy in the season’s closing weeks, a stop at Gwyn’s to warm up always is a good call.