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Untucked: Greased Up

by Barbara Platts

I write this with greasy fingers, a bloated belly and a large smile.

My heart is racing fast as it pumps a significant amount of grease through my blood. I should probably feel pretty awful from consuming so much bacon at this point, but luckily I’ve downed a few Bloodys and some beer, so I’m gliding right along.

Days like this always make me so enthusiastic for the place I’m privileged to call home. It’s not just the gluttonous nature of the day (i.e., unlimited bacon and endless amounts of booze) that makes it so special. It’s the time of year. The point where we all realize that everything we have known for the past five months (i.e., powder days, skiing, snow) is going to change but that the future looks bright.

Bacon Appreciation Day started six years ago at Buttermilk. The geniuses behind the happy day were Buttermilk Mountain Manager Kevin Hagerty and Skico employee Joey Woltemath. Their simple yet brilliant question was, “Who doesn’t love bacon?” After that, the event kicked off. It was a grassroots closing-day party at first, but the closing-day party grew quickly, and more and more people flocked to the Buttermilk slopes in search of swine — God bless them.

Today, it seems like the supply can just barely keep up with the demand. Stations were positioned all over the mountain on Sunday with treats like bacon waffles, bacon-wrapped scallops and Canadian bacon with maple syrup. Skiers and snowboarders alike waited in lines to enjoy the wonderful pork-related treats. And then, when all the bacon left the grills and landed in our stomachs, we headed down to Bumps to enjoy an after-party — with bacon Bloody Marys, of course.

Each person I talked with at the Bacon Day aprés party seemed pleasantly surprised at how much the event had grown since it started six years ago. The nature of the whole day is silliness, and all of us have embraced that theme wholeheartedly.

As sad at it is to see one of the four mountains check out until November, it’s always enjoyable to attend its going-away party. As the snow gets a bit slushier and the days grow a bit longer, it’s good to know we have plenty to look forward to in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Next up: Highlands closing day!

Barbara Platts loves bacon so much. She also loves brunch — and popcorn, and sweet potato fries and — well, you get the idea. Reach her at bplatts.000@gmail.com.

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