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‘Times are a little dull in Aspen’

Aspen Historical Society
Two 5x7" b/w glossy photographs of the mining tram and buildings located on a steep hillside/ Montezuma mill and basin- also labeled as enterprise mine in Montezuma Basin.

“Montezuma Mine to be reopened with full force,” announced the Aspen Daily Times on Aug. 11, 1908. “Saturday morning Mr. E.E. Shumway of Denver, accompanied by C.M. Reed, Joseph Paxton and Paul Caley drove to Ashcroft and on their return from the mine made a pleasant announcement that the mine would reopen at once. This morning Mr. Caley will start to the mine with a force of men to do some necessary repair work, and not later than the first of September a full force of men will be put to work. Mr. E.E. Shumway will have general charge of the mine and mill, and anticipates having several hundred men working before snow comes. The Montezuma has large bodies of ore containing lead, silver, zinc, and also a nice value in gold. It is also one of the possibilities that the Denver and Rio Grande will build a spur from Aspen to the mine, tapping the large iron veins belonging to the Colorado Fuel and Iron Co. at Ashcroft. While times are a little dull in Aspen at the present time, the future looks indeed bright, as silver is bound to advance. Here’s to the Montezuma Mining Co., may the stockholders have a dividend twice a month.” This image shows a mining tram and buildings located in the Montezuma basin, circa 1900.