The GearJunkie: Mountain Hardwear StretchDown DS Hooded |

The GearJunkie: Mountain Hardwear StretchDown DS Hooded

by Stephen Regenold

The color scheme on my Mountain Hardwear puffy turned heads. Its pod-pattern construction brought questions from people used to more of a “Michelin man” look in the category of uber-insulated winter coats.

New this winter, the StretchDown DS Hooded Jacket is something different. Its knit polyester body is stuffed with 800-fill down, though not in a traditional baffled design.

Mountain Hardwear has an entire line of outerwear with stretch-based down construction. This jacket actually uses the technique for warmth and (as a bonus) it adds an aesthetic flare; the DS Hooded Jacket ($340) looks like nothing I have seen before.

Beyond looks, it is warm and fits well. The hood hugs tight, and it turns with the head despite no adjustments.

For more on this product, visit Stephen Regenold is the founder and writes about outdoors gear for Gear Junkie.

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