The Gear Junkie: Ultra-Running Record Shoes |

The Gear Junkie: Ultra-Running Record Shoes

Last summer, ultra-athlete Scott Jurek set a record on the Appalachian Trail, running and fast-hiking the 2,189-mile trail in 46 days.

To commemorate the feat, Brooks Running pulverized some soles from shoes Jurek wore on the trail and added the recycled rubber to the tread on a special-edition line.

From Georgia to Maine, the multi-week feat required 50-mile day stacked upon 50-mile day. Jurek went through a few pairs of shoes along the way, and Brooks collected the worn-out soles for something it dubs a “run-incarnation” project.

It’s a bit of a stunt for sure, but I’m on board. The company’s stalwart Cascadia trail-running shoe serves as the base for the special Jurek shoe.

Each set is hand-numbered, and the company made only 2,189 pairs — one for each mile Jurek ran — to be given away and sold starting later this month.

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