Book Review: ‘Tear Me Apart’ |

Book Review: ‘Tear Me Apart’

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This book cover image released by Mira shows "Tear Me Apart," a novel by J.T. Ellison. (Mira via AP)
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Mindy Wright has a shot at being a top skier. During a critical race, she hits a spot near a flag incorrectly and ends up face down in the snow with a broken leg. Doctors insert a pin in the leg but discover something far worse when performing the surgery: she has leukemia and needs a stem cell transplant.

Her parents take the test, but data shows they have no genetic markers that match with her. The revelation that they have been hiding the truth hurts Mindy almost as much as her fractured leg. And to stay alive, she needs to find her birth parents to determine if they can provide the stem cells she needs. Of course, it isn’t as simple as tracking down the people who organized the adoption or looking up names on the internet.

Lauren, who considers herself Mindy’s mother, had her reasons for keeping the truth from Mindy. Exposing the facts behind the deception might save her daughter’s life, but at what cost?

The author crafts a compelling mystery that slowly unravels like a spool of frazzled yarn, leaving both the characters and readers emotionally spent. A quarter of the way into the story, a new character is introduced that throws everything into turmoil in a significant way.

Dark secrets and how they can destroy a loving family carry this tale to a startling ending.