Libations: Sweet and spicy margaritas over President Day weekend |

Libations: Sweet and spicy margaritas over President Day weekend

The blood orange and hot chile margaritas at Su Casa.
Maddie Vincent/Aspen Times Weekly

Going into Presidents Day weekend, I thought it would be smart to exercise my patriotism and seek out the libations our country’s founding fathers and leaders of more recent history may have bellied up to the bar for.

I could have drank a dark porter to celebrate George Washington, water in honor of Abraham Lincoln (who reportedly was a dry man) or a vodka martini in the name of George H.W. Bush.

Instead, I found myself sipping sake at Jing on Friday and tequila and mezcal at Su Casa on Saturday like a true American.

After eating half a basket of tortilla chips in less than 10 minutes, I asked the waiter what the most popular Su Casa margarita is. He said the blood orange, which has fresh lime, Corazon Reposado tequila, Campari Liquer and blood orange of course, and the hot chile, which consists of chili-citrus tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime in a chili salt-rimmed glass were the top two. But his favorite was the hot chile with mezcal instead of tequila, so I took his word and ordered that with a blood orange margarita on the side.

The drinks couldn’t have been more opposite, yet both equally delicious. The blood orange went down sweet with a little citrus-bitter aftertaste, the hot chile smoky with a tingly spice burn on the tongue. There were even jalapenos floating in the hot chile margarita with the ice cubes, its seeds like little sprinkles at the surface.

Both were fantastic. Both were under $20 each, which is a win in this town. Both did the trick, as I was happily buzzed a quarter of the way through my hot chile.

Moral of the story: Su Casa es tu casa y mi casa y nuestra casa whether you’re looking for something sweet or spicy, or not really sure what you’re looking for at all.

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