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Spring Cleaning: Five super-powered solutions for sparkling glass

Katie Shapiro
High Country

For frequent cannabis consumers who favor smoking from glass over a pre-roll, chances are your pipe, bubbler or bong is dirty … really dirty. Outside of my own home, where I do a weekly deep clean on what’s currently in rotation, I usually quietly cringe when presented with glass pieces at dinner parties and other hang sessions.

Not only is the look and scent of the resin residue off-putting, but the sticky tar compounds left behind can also include carbon and carcinogens. And continuing to burn grimy glass can come with negative health effects that otherwise are not an issue when smoking out of something that’s pristine.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, it’s high time to give your tokens for toking some TLC. Here are five super-powered, safe solutions for sparkling glass to try, beyond the tried-and-true, do-it-yourself combination of DIY isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt:

1. ResÖlution ResCaps & ResGel, $19.99

Co-founded by Aspen native Kyler Sciarrone during his studies at Colorado State University, ResÖlution’s products are a game-changing duo. Drop any small glass piece into the reusable and re-sealable ResGel pouch — filled with a non-toxic, clay-based cleansing formula — and shake until clean. ResCaps are silicone based and allow you to universally stretch and seal airtight covers over glass accessories of any size to get an even deeper clean with any solution through vigorous, spill-proof shaking.

Shop: Online only, resolutioncolo.com

2. Formula 420, $13.95

Founded in 1997, Formula 420 is one of the oldest cannabis cleaning products in the game and now offers a 100 percent all-natural, biodegradable version of its signature solution that cleans and deodorizes. Soak, swirl or shake for just one minute and your glass will be as good as new.

Shop: Euflora, 710 E. Durant Ave., 970-925-6468, formula420.com

3. Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit, $30

Before this cool cannabis lifestyle company brought us a Jonathan Adler capsule collection, it started with a signature one-stop-shop set with all of the tools needed for the ultimate cleaning routine. Designed and curated to keep devices in clear condition daily, the Supreme Clean Kit includes: ISO Pure, Salt Rox, Pipe Stix, Pipe Dreamz, Resin Rags, Dot Wipes, Tube Tops, Salt Schutes and a Stem Brush.

Shop: Native Roots, 308 S. Hunter St., 970-429-4443, higherstandards.com

4. Klear Kryptonite Naked, $18.99

While its original formula always works well, Klear Kryptonite’s new Naked formula was specifically developed in a lab to have no added colors or fragrances and has the lowest concentration (less than 3%) of volatile organic compounds of any cleaner on the market. The brand also boasts the fact that it’s the only cannabis cleaning company to pass the Colorado Health and Safety Board’s strict regulatory guidelines.

Shop: Green Dragon, 409 E. Hyman Ave., 970-429-4365, klearkryptonite.com

5. Agent Orange, $9.99

As the “earth friendly” option among Orange Chronic’s lineup of cleaning solutions and air freshener products, it’s formulated with natural renewable resources and is free of alcohol. The light, clear consistency is reusable, doesn’t leave behind any aftertaste or smell and comes with a free cleaning brush.

Shop: Silverpeak, 520 E. Cooper Ave., 970-925-4372, orangechronic.net

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