Gear review: ‘Spartan’ brand starts trail-run series |

Gear review: ‘Spartan’ brand starts trail-run series

Stephen Regenold

Millions of competitors know Spartan from its popular obstacle course races (OCRs). It stages the run-and-maneuver events in more than 40 countries around the world.

Last month, the company announced a pivot toward trails. A dozen trail-running events will take place in 2019, including one July 14 at Fort Carson (south of Colorado Springs).

The Spartan Trail Races correspond with existing OCR race locations. In addition to the July 13-14 weekend at Fort Carson, they will be held in Washington, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey.

They come in two distances: 10km and 21km. And, in Spartan fashion, courses will be technical, rugged singletrack trails with natural obstacles like river crossings and log hops. Male and female athletes from ages 14 to 60-plus can compete in races divided by group.

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