Gear review: Skiers getting a little push from Skizee device |

Gear review: Skiers getting a little push from Skizee device

Stephen Regenold
The Gear Junkie
The new Skizee helps propel skiers on flats and uphill and can reach speeds up to 25 mph, its Canadian inventor says.
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The thrill of downhill skiing on flat ground: That’s one premise of the Skizee Woodsrunner, a wacky winter invention.

Canadian inventor Jim Maidment attempts to solve a common issue in skiing — namely quick conveyance on flat ground or uphill — with the Skizee product.

A harness unfolds with two handholds for skiers to grip. Hop in front of the unit and a four-stroke machine with beefy tread plods along behind, propelling you forward.

According to the brand, the Skizee can reach speeds of 25 mph. It works for uphill and flats. Going down the unit essentially coasts behind as you ski.

An electric start gets it fired up in the cold. While riding, the handle areas have throttle for control and an emergency stop wristband if you fall to shut off the motor.  The Skizee Woodsrunner retails for $4,990 CAD.

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