Gunner’s Libation: Singed Sage |

Gunner’s Libation: Singed Sage

by Jeanne McGovern

On a recent whirlwind tour of downtown Denver, a friend and I decided to break up the holiday shopping madness with a tequila tasting of sorts — one “outlaw” shot at a nearby bar for every store we stepped foot into (yes, we mixed up our poison in the form of Herradura, Petron and Milagro). So, when we finally landed back at our hotel restaurant for an 8 p.m. dinner reservation at Panzano at the Monaco, we knew our libation of choice would have to be tequila-based. Thankfully, the pages-long iPad cocktail menu did not disappoint. With a little direction from our waiter and instant best friend Brian, we sipped on a Singed Sage. And the name couldn’t be more spot-on — this twist on a classic tequila drink was both smokey (hence, the Singed) and herbaceous (thus, the Sage). I think the addition of amaro and the grilled pineapple flavor are what made it stand out, though. A wholly different experience — and far superior, taste-wise — than the straight-up shots that proceeded it. A perfect way to transition from a day on the 16th Street Mall to a leisurely dinner at one of Denver’s dining hotspots.

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