Ride on: Zip-On Bike Tires


“We have built our own factory and ensured international patents to be able to disrupt the tyre industry and improve the riding experience for all the fantastic year-round bikers out there. What we hope to do is make biking easier and better, reduce the unsustainable rubber consumption of the tyre industry, and challenge what a tyre can (and should) do.”

– reTyre founders

Biking on snow? Zip on extra studs. Going from suburbs to singletrack? Attach more tread.

The reTyre product presents one of the craziest bike tire designs I’ve seen: A tiny zipper along the sidewall allows users to zip on different molds over a smooth road tire base.

The system starts with that basic road tire, called the reTyre ONE. It mounts on standard rims and is available in 26-, 27.5-, 28-, and 29-inch sizes.

Three “skins” are offered to accommodate changing conditions. An urban winter tire sports 156 carbide studs. An all-terrain skin works for gravel with a light tread pattern. And the Trail X skin is made for mountain riding.

Swapping the tires, the brand advertises, is as easy as “zipping up your jacket.” Along the sidewalls, a self-locking zipper secures a tire in under 60 seconds.

For more on this product, visit Stephen Regenold is the founder and writes about outdoors gear for Gear Junkie.