Libations: Ramona Spritzer |

Libations: Ramona Spritzer

Kiira Walsh

While there are plenty of places to sip in the remaining days of summer, The Little Nell recently sent us these “Instructions for Cooling Off this Summer” and thought them worth sharing with you: “Whether sipped on the sundrenched Ajax Tavern patio or poolside amongst The Little Nell’s curated property gardens, quench your thirst with a Ramona Spritzer. Our unique spin on the classic Aperol spritz will certainly refresh, as well as impress your guests. Included here are the ingredients used in the Ramona Spritzer, as well as simple instructions any host can follow. And while there are those who prefer lounging at home on a warm summer evening to enjoy a cocktail, those of us who prefer to go out for a crafted drink know that The Little Nell is serving this summer’s coolest drinks.” We would agree the Nell is definitely worth adding to your happy hour rounds before the snow starts to fly.

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