Platts: What about those millennials? |

Platts: What about those millennials?


The 12th annual Aspen Ideas Festival has come to an end. The nine-day intellectual conference brought up many thought provoking issues and, within almost every one, there was a reoccurring question: What do the millennials think?

Even though this label has been in the mainstream for a very long time now, the people born from 1980 to 2000 have not lost their trendiness. We are still on the forefront of many company’s agendas as they try to answer questions about politics, health and economy, to name a few. Below are some fun quotes I pulled as I went to discussions and lectures during the week. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch every one so this is just a sampling. Enjoy!

When it comes to the job market…

“Millennials, we did a study, 70 percent of our 2,000 [employees] are Generation Y and they will work at many different places before they retire, unlike in the past when people would earn a pension. They want to go and have different experiences and they want a purpose behind what they are doing.”

-Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO at EY

When it comes to health care…

“We’ve adopted a motto for access: anywhere, anytime, and that is going to be virtual. You can now pick up your laptop and use Skype and have a consult with a Cleveland clinic physician. And we think that that is what’s going to change how millennials look at healthcare.”

-Toby Cosgrove, president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic

When it comes to the world’s future…

“Now here is the question: How do we give the young people here and across the globe something to hold onto? The full answer to that would obviously require a whole shelf of books, not brief remarks.”

-Secretary of State John Kerry

When it comes to nutrition…

“Do you think there is a chance that consumers might go, ‘Oh, there’s a benefit to me?’ Like my colleague Jenny Hopkinson, I think she has already asked you this, she always says that the way you get millennials on board with GMO’s is to make a GMO avocado that doesn’t brown. So, is that coming? That may be the key to people going ‘Oh no, I’m cool with this.’”

-Helena Bottemiller Evich, senior reporter at POLITICO

When it comes to millennials…

“I think one of the big takeaways about millennials is that we as a group are fairly diverse and don’t really care for labels. I think Pew Research Center actually did some research where they found that millennials as a whole really don’t care for the label millennial.”

-Asma Khalid, campaign reporter at NPR

These just give you a glimpse of the millennial madness that took place from June 23 to July 2. To get the full details on these discussions and to actually put them into context, go to or

Barbara Platts doesn’t mind being labeled as a millennial. If nothing else, it’s always a good conversation starter. Reach her at

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