Platts: That spring break state of mind |

Platts: That spring break state of mind

by Barbara Platts

We all remember the good old days.

We were counting down the weeks until summer vacation (probably about eight or nine to go) and everyone was getting a bit antsy. The birds chirped outside, the flowers began to blossom and the sun set much later in the evening. Suddenly, classes weren’t as interesting. They were a bit restraining. And then, in the nick of time, we got a moratorium from our education. We were granted five days off sandwiched together by two weekends, otherwise known as SPRING BREAK!!!

Oh yes…those were glorious days. When tequila was consumed like water, a one-night stand was equivalent to a kiss on the cheek and wet T-shirt contests weren’t just a funny joke, they were a promise. The beauty of this time of year was that it was dedicated to fun. There were few familial obligations since Easter rarely fell over the break. It was a time we could throw our inhibitions to the wind and get our freak on.

For most of the millennial generation, Spring Break is now something to be mourned. In the professional world, it’s not very “professional” to say you’re going to take off a week to see how many body shots you can give/receive in a destination south of the border. Spring Break is just something that most of us were forced to grow out of.

Thankfully, that is not the case in Aspen.

From the beginning of March until the slopes close in mid-April, we get our own Spring Break in this town. If you’re a visitor you get a taste of the festivities, but if you’re a local you get to enjoy the entire meal.

We can ski in tank tops and jeans (sometimes even bikinis and short shorts) in between glasses of Veuve Clicquot at the top of Ajax. We have the opportunity to watch live shows like Nahko and Medicine for the People and Big Gigantic (coming up March 25) at the bases of Snowmass and Aspen Mountain. Starting in the first weekend in April we have the notoriously fun closing day parties (see sidebar for more information). And, of course, there is aprés-ski any and every day of the week.

Don’t worry about losing your youth. Spring Break is abound all around. So pull on your big boy neon pants, whip out your bikini or tank top and join the party. There is plenty more Spring Break to be had. See you out there.

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Barbara Platts was never a huge fan of the typical Mexico Spring Break, but she sure loves springtime in Aspen, Colorado. Reach her at

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