Platts: Miss you already |

Platts: Miss you already


Anyone who has lived in this town long enough understands the beauty of the offseason. It’s true that some of our favorite restaurants aren’t open and the ones that are often have strange schedules. Friends leave town for sometimes months at a time. And, despite our best efforts, we start to feel irrelevant. Our home goes from being top on the vacation destination list to being a distant memory or a far-off future plan.

Despite these woes, we are all appreciative of a break. We get an opportunity to decompress, refill the wallet (or empty it on vacation) and park wherever the hell we want. So, in honor of offseason, let us take advantage of the few luxuries that are about to leave.

1) Strike up a conversation with Jimmy Yeager at the bar at Jimmy’s. Choose a topic like how he discovered, and started serving, Monkey 47 gin or any of his other rare elixirs. Once the crowds come back, you may get a second or two to say hello, but he will be plenty busy with customers. Now is the time for inquiring minds to dive into his spirit-related knowledge.

2) There’s nothing worse than craving a Peach’s breakfast dish and not even being able to get into the café because the line is out the door. At the moment, this caffeine oasis actually looks slightly lonely. The line only reaches a couple inches past the pastry display. So get in while you still can.

3) We all love a nice offseason deal. Even though we tend to get so excited about the discount that we drink, or eat, twice as much as we would typically. But the point is, we love cheaper fare. A place that understands this is Mezzaluna. Though most of their offseason deals have ended at this point, they still offer 25 percent off bottles of wine. And Rustique, another offseason favorite, is still doing their prix fixe menus, with two courses for $34.

4) One of the most frustrating things about crowds is that they bring with them a lot of vehicles. It’s nearly impossible to find any kind of parking from June to September and then again from December to April. While you still can, take your car downtown for lunch or dinner. You’ll feel like a rock star parking right in front of the restaurant and walking in like you own the place. Which, in offseason, it appears like you do because no one else is in there.

5) Get a jumpstart on getting in shape for the summer by hiking up the Ute Trail. The snow is now melted, but there still aren’t those crazy athletes sprinting up the damn thing as if someone is chasing them. Now, with very few people on the trail, you can feel like that super athlete, because there’s no one to compare yourself with. It’s a nice way to boost your confidence before the summer begins.

Summer has almost arrived and I know we are all excited for the parties, festivals, concerts, water sports, etc. But take in the last bit of tranquility before the craziness begins. After all, we won’t have the opportunity to do so again until October.

After finishing this column, Barbara Platts headed to Las Vegas for the weekend to have one last break before nuzzling in for the summer. Reach her at or follow her adventures on the Twitter @BarbaraPlatts.

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