Platts: Looking within |

Platts: Looking within

by Barbara Platts

She didn’t seem to be of this world. Not meaning that she felt like an outsider. More that there seemed to be so many other worlds out there that she belonged to; so many circumstances or situations I couldn’t be a part of that she fit into with ease and acceptance. It was like she knew something that no one else did.

This was my second or third time meeting Deva Shantay, the co-founder of True Nature in Carbondale; however, it was my first time communicating with her in a situation like this, for an intuitive therapy session. An increasingly popular form of holistic healing, intuitive therapists use their sixth sense to help patients tap into their personal lives in a more meaningful way. This has become particularly trendy on both coasts and even in the U.K. recently.

Deva started offering intuitive therapy sessions four years ago. She said she fought doing it for a long time. She didn’t want to accept the fact that she saw and sensed things that other people couldn’t.

“I tried not to do it for as long as I possibly could,” she says. “It was scary to ‘come out of the closet,’ to show what I see.”

The mother of two, who owns True Nature with her husband Eaden Shantay, got so many requests from friends for advice and analysis she eventually gave in and started offering sessions to a few people. Word got out quickly, making it not so easy to keep her gift quiet. Even today, she says that sharing this with others is a continual process.

Deva says most people come into an intuitive therapy session skeptical, not having much of an idea as to what they are getting into, but by the end they are usually in shock by the experience.

“By the end of the session they usually have so much appreciation,” she says about most first-time clients.

Unlike traditional therapy sessions, Deva does not give each person she works with a timeline for when they should come back. Some want to right away, and others don’t come back for a while.

“You’ll know when you’re ready to come back,” Deva says. “Some people I don’t need to see for years. They were given enough in a session to sustain them for a long time.”

I didn’t know what to expect when I went into a session with Deva. I had practiced yoga before and was a big fan of meditation. I was mildly familiar with Buddhism and Hinduism and the idea of an aura and dharma, but that’s about as far as my knowledge in this realm went.

When I walked in to meet with her I was immediately relaxed by the ambience of True Nature. It’s easy to feel at home there, to feel healthy and inspired by just simply walking in the door. We went upstairs and sat on the floor in a studio room. The space was beautiful, every inch filled with interesting, Eastern-inspired details. Entrances and certain walls were adorned with intricately carved wooden frames, many of which are actually from places in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Before starting my session, Deva clearly explained her beliefs, allowing me to understand where she was coming from with this type of therapy. She spoke about her sixth sense and ability to see spirits, as well as her belief in multiple lives and how people that have passed away never really leave us. They are around us constantly.

She first asked me if I would give her permission to be let in, to essentially see my aura. I quickly agreed. She then asked if there was anything she should not be let in on that tied into my life. I thought about it for a second. There are plenty of bruises and scrapes from my past that hurt when they are provoked, and even when they aren’t, but I wanted to get the full experience. I gave her permission to bring up anything.

The details through the one-hour session have stuck with me. It’s hard to even explain the process or how I felt during it. Even now, I’m not sure. Deva never assumed anything while we were talking. Unlike mediums you hear about who claim to know all about your life, she took pieces of energy she felt, things she saw and allowed me to fill in the blanks. She gave me the tools and insight to solve my own problems instead of claiming she could or would fix them for me. And she also gave me a sense on how I can ultimately become the best version of myself. I am often a skeptic, but the things she was saying, whether I could fully believe them or not at the time, were important to hear. I left the session feeling more relaxed than I have in a long while. And, even after several weeks, I have a lot left to ponder …

Barbara Platts is still wrestling with some of the details from her intuitive therapy session with Deva. She’s happy she went though, and highly recommends it to others. Reach her at