Gear Review: Patagonia’s Sustainable Jackets |

Gear Review: Patagonia’s Sustainable Jackets

Stephen Regenold
The Gear Junkie

Calling it a “first in the industry,” Patagonia announced that every one of its waterproof shell jackets, from lifestyle to alpine, now must meet a new sustainability standard.

Plenty of brands use recycled materials in their jackets. And plenty commit to fair-trade practices. But Patagonia says none do both for their entire shell-jacket line — until now.

The company’s entire line, 61 garments in total, use both recycled material and Fair Trade Certified factories for sewing.

“The conversion to using recycled materials in each and every shell (jacket) was slow and gradual, then sudden,” the brand said in a statement. “We’ve now reached a point where we can draw a line in the sand that every shell uses recycled fabrics — and is Fair Trade Certified sewn — or we simply don’t make it.”

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