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Gear Review: Patagonia Wood Burning Stove

Stephen Regenold
Gear Junkie

Wood-burning cookstoves are a mainstay for some hikers and bush-crafters. In the right climates, where burnable organic material is plentiful, they work well. Simply collect some dry wood, leaves or other flammable biomass and start a fire to boil water or cook food.

Patagonia, known for its jackets and apparel, takes a stab at the category this year. The Patagonia Wood Burning Stove is a traditional design made of stainless steel.

But there’s more to this stove than meets the eye. It’s the center of a line called the Untethered Kit. It’s one that Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard asked for and designed to, as the brand says, “go simple and get deep.”

At the heart of this kit is the stove. But it also includes a lightweight pot, sleeping bag, and a backpack.

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