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Outfitted: Signs of Spring

Gear for Bringing in the New Season

Meg Simon

Turning the corner into March always seems like a victory. With the days getting longer, daylight savings time on the horizon and jolts of warm sunshine, nature is throwing us a bone with a long awaited pick-me-up. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days left to get those turns in, but there’s a noticeable change in the air. Below are some items I’m looking forward to busting out as Spring starts to reintroduce herself.

1. Tracksmith The Charles Sunglasses

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A collaboration with Article One out of Michigan, The Charles glasses are handmade in Italy and designed specifically for running. Tonal silicone nose pads are made to grip and hold and you can squeeze them tight during activity, but let them loose afterward for more comfort. The polarized lenses block UVA/UVB rays and prevent road glare. I really appreciate the “barely there” feel when I wear these. They are extremely lightweight, but are durable enough to withstand a bit of a beating. Sizing is unisex and they are available in gray, gold and brown. $255

2. Rugged Spanish Tile Tarpestry

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One of my favorite ways to enjoy longer Spring days is gathering outdoors with friends to sit in the sunshine for a beverage after a skin or hike. To put a layer between my butt and the elements, I’ve been busting out my beautiful new Tarpestry. Started in Denver, but relocated to the Appalachian Mountains, Tarpestry makes decorative ground blankets and tarps for outdoor use. The Rugged Collection features water-repellent, UV-resistant design with reinforced fabric to make them twice as tough. This particular tarp comes with 4 grommets, but additional ones can be added to increase staking/hanging options. I added 4 more to mine so it can be easily set up as a lean-to for shade or rain cover. Fade resistant and easy to clean, Tarpestry has several artful designs and sizes to choose from. $158-178

3. GCI Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger

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I recently tried GCI’s Zero Gravity Lounger and love it so much I kind of want to bring it into my living room. Gravity loungers can sometimes be awkward to maneuver. Once you get settled, they’re great, but changing positions can make gravity more of an enemy than a friend. This one seems to streamline that process a bit more seamlessly. There are two modes. One allows a full recline to a weightless position and the other engages a lever that lets you sit up straight with just your legs elevated. It folds up easily to make it portable and includes a head pillow, cup and phone holder and a mesh backing for extra airflow. $125

4. Vuori Outdoor Trainer Shell

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Temperature swings are in full force in the Spring which means that layering is key. This shell from Vuori has been a favorite of mine due to its extreme light weight and UPF 30+ abilities. The performance material has a 4-way stretch and is moisture wicking, so it’s great for those sunny afternoon showshoe hikes where you need to strip off the outer layers when your heart gets pumping. A DWR finish makes it water resistant if you encounter a light drizzle, but it won’t keep you dry in a downpour. Available in women’s and men’s colors and sizes. $112

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