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Outfitted: A Battle of the Seasons

A year-round stash for confusing weather

Meg Simon

As last weekend so unapologetically showed us, mountain weather will often refuse to bow to our holiday calendar. As snow, rain and freezing temps literally put a damper on my holiday weekend itinerary, my crew and I found ourselves ditching our camping and paddleboarding plans for a last-minute plan B. Sometimes living the mountain life means choosing your battles, and last weekend, it wasn’t a battle we were willing to fight. Below are some items that I busted out to soothe my wounded ego and bide my time until greener pastures return.

1. Kari Traa Ane Fleece

When it’s gloomy outside, turning to all things cozy is the name of the game. Kari Traa’s Ane midlayer is a cuddly and colorful fleece with a high button-up collar and elastic hem to keep out the cold. With a boxy, old-school cut and a retro two-tone color scheme, the Ane adds flashes of extra color on the trim and arm panels to add a little off-color cheer. Made with recycled material. $60, karitraa.com. Kari Traa products are also carried at the Ute Mountaineer in Aspen.

2. Skida Vista Knit Beanie

As any true mountain dweller knows, a good hat is a year-round treasure. I’ve recently been loving this cashmere and wool blend beanie from Skida. It keeps me warm for a few degrees longer before I break down and turn my heat back on. A simple chevron pattern knit detail is meant to inspire mountain vistas and the extra boost of 25% yak wool makes it super durable. Can be worn straight or cuffed. $68, karitraa.com. Skida products are also carried at the ACES Hallam Lake store in Aspen.

3. Kuhl Stretch Voyagr Rain Jacket

Whether it’s for a beer run or because nature is calling the dog, at some point you’ll need to leave the house. Kuhl’s Voyagr adds in a combination of stretch and softness to its waterproof protection. Lightweight and breathable, its relaxed fit makes it easy to layer a fleece underneath on colder days and makes it comfortable enough to become an every-day staple. Available in women’s and men’s sizes and colors. $159, kuhl.com. Kuhl products are also carried at Bristlecone Mountain Sports in Basalt.

4. Cotopaxi Veza Jogger

When my posse all showed up for our alternative plans last weekend, we were all wearing some form of a jogger pant. They seem to be the new publicly acceptable form of sweatpants. The mid-rise Veza is a more structured pant, but maintains that desired relaxed fit. An elastic waistband, tailored cuffs on the bottom, two hand pockets and a zippered stash pocket make them perfect for indoor or outdoor activity and would also be great for travel. Available in women’s and men’s sizes and colors. $89, cotopaxi.com. Cotopaxi products are also carried at the Ute Mountaineer in Aspen.

5. Landmark Project Smokey Bear 1000 Piece Puzzle

Even though rain and snow can lead to canceled plans, it’s good to remember that we should be thankful for the moisture. Fire season is upon us and we need all we can get. To combat boredom and a great way to pass the time until the sun comes back out, a puzzle is a great plan. This Smokey Bear puzzle reminds us not only of the immense issue of wildfires, but also the hard work of our fire fighters and Forest Service to keep us safe. 10% of Landmark Project’s Smokey Bear product proceeds go toward wildfire prevention education. $22.50, thelandmarkproject.com.

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