From the Vault: Outdoor Gear |

From the Vault: Outdoor Gear

One sepia photograph of three men standing with a dog and a large amount of camping, hunting and fishing gear. There are pots and pans, food, axe, boots, fishing waders, nets, rope, etc. There are also fifteen dead fish displayed, and several dead birds. They are posed in a yard in town.

“The joys of outdoor life in the Rocky Mountains are pictured and described in a new booklet,” announced the Aspen Democrat-Times on June 20, 1911. The booklet, titled “Camping in the Rockies,” was issued by the passenger department of the Denver and Rio Grande railroad. As the newspaper noted, “besides the well executed cover design in color, depicting a party of campers enjoying the evening around the glowing embers of a camp fire, the book contains thirty-three excellent half-tone illustrations, showing picturesque camping spots in the Rockies. The introduction of the book was written by Edward L. Sabin, who writes knowingly about places to go, supplies to be taken, tackle to be used and other valuable suggestions to the man who contemplates an outdoor vacation. The story is supplemented by some estimates, showing the cost of outing tours in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, which includes railroad, hotel, carriage and other incidental expenses. Space is also devoted to camping conveniences, sites, supplies, suggestions and seasons.”

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“Without any exception the worst snow storm known since the advent of the railroad west of Leadville has been raging over the crest of the continental divide since last Thursday,” asserted the Aspen Tribune on January 31, 1899.

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