From the vault: On the road to fame |

From the vault: On the road to fame

One b/w photograph of Gary Cooper, his wife Veronica, and Friedl Pfeifer on Main Street in Aspen in front of the Hotel Jerome. 1950-

“Aspen residents taking spotlight in theater,” proclaimed The Aspen Times on Nov. 18, 1948. “Aspen is getting more and more on the map, and this time it’s the theatre world with Gary Cooper’s histrionic ability and Fred Glidden’s literary success. Tonight and tomorrow night the Isis is showing another Aspen premiere of a Glidden book, ‘Albuquerque,’ starring Randolph Scott. Next week the Isis has scheduled ‘Coroner Creek,’ also by Fred Glidden (Luke Short), starring Marguerite Chapman and Randolph Scott, to be followed the next two nights by Paulette Goddard and Gary Cooper in ‘Unconquered.’ ‘Coroner Creek’ was a Saturday Evening Post serial, and both it and ‘Albuquerque’ are in cinecolor, while the Cooper pic is in technicolor. More feathers in Aspen’s cap with two well-known and popular artists making their homes here, Fred having recently purchased the Pfeifer house and Gary buying property across the Roaring Fork. Although Fred, as well as those of us who’ve read his stories, might not recognize his original story in the movie version, nevertheless it’s gratifying and something to be proud of that the books were selected by the motion picture companies as being top box office attractions. The photograph above shows Friedl Pfeifer (left) standing with Gary Cooper and his wife Veronica (“Rocky”) in front of the Hotel Jerome in the late 1940s.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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