Aspen History: Nineties hair |

Aspen History: Nineties hair

Aspen Historical Society
One mounted b/w photograph of two women, identified as Effie Trowbridge (Hindman) and Lovella Garter. It is dated January 20, 1899.

“Coloring the hair has become a popular fad with Aspen women,” noted the Aspen Daily Times on Oct. 27, 1895. “Red is the prevailing color and the use of artificial means has caused the increase in the number of auburn crowned damsels on the streets and to be seen at the social gatherings and fairs and bazaars which are of almost nightly occurrence. A man who came in yesterday from Colorado Springs says that so many women have adopted the hickory nut color hair dye that the whole female community is red headed.” This shows two Aspen women in the late 1890s.