Mountain Mayhem: Night on the Nile |

Mountain Mayhem: Night on the Nile

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

The Buddy Program celebrated its 10th annual Bash for the Buddies with a “Night on the Nile” theme on Friday, July 5, at Merry-Go-Ranch on McLain Flats overlooking Aspen’s Elk Mountains. Hosts Lenny “Boogie” and Gail Weinglass and honorees Tony Mazza and Mona Look-Mazza were joined by more than 500 guests, many of whom dressed the part in Egyptian attire from golden gowns to royal crowns. The summer benefit for the Buddy Program raises awareness for its mission to empower youth through mentoring experiences, as well as significant funds to support the operations to run its many programs. The Buddy Program supports 547 youth, 147 adult volunteers and 11 schools from Aspen to Rifle. Learn more at

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