Mountain Mayhem: X Marks the Spot

07: Deadmau5 spinning on the Sound Factory Stage at X Games amidst a snowstorm. Casarae Clark photo.

When the name X Games gets dropped, the thought of tricks, flips and competition comes to mind. Adding to that mix is a list of electronic acts on stages at Buttermilk and throughout town, as well as industry parties with athletes, sponsors and fans.

Kicking off the festivities, GoPro hosted a Photo Exhibit + Athlete Chat on Wednesday, Jan. 27, at Baldwin Gallery for friends and consumers. Freeskier magazine hosted an event afterward that packed every inch of 39 Degrees at The Sky. “This is our favorite valley on the planet,” said Freeskier’s online editor Thacher Stone. “There’s no better place to have X Games than here.”

For X Games weekend, Boogie’s removed all their retail items and got reskinned as the Native Roots Tree House featuring Big Gigantic and a roster of musical acts and DJs.

Belly Up and Buttermilk’s Sound Factory presented shows by acts that bounced between both stages, offering a chance to see talent inside at an intimate venue or outdoors amidst the elements.

Rounding out the music venues, Gravity Productions took over the Crystal Palace for the month of January, reopening as The Palace with a multi-faceted event space, music venue, and art gallery.

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