Mountain Mayhem: The sweet sounds of spring … |

Mountain Mayhem: The sweet sounds of spring …

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
Aspen Elementary School’s High Mountain Harmony Choir performing on May 12.
From the program to the t-shirts on the performers, the High Mountain Harmony was a student-run production led by music teacher Marnie White.
Belting out beautiful sounds from a sax at Nikki Beach St. Barth’s.
Chris Dunaway, Abby Hawkins and Denise Zubrod take a break from dancing at Nikki Beach St Barth’s on May Day.
One of the resident DJs at Nikki Beach St. Barth’s gets the party started.
Cut Copy, sometimes stylized as Cut/Copy, performs at the Ogden Theatre in Denver on May 15.
Cut Copy, the synth-pop band from Melbourne, feeling right at home onstage in Colorado this spring.

Music has a way of lifting spirits, altering moods, boosting happiness and reducing anxiety. From the chants and drumbeats of ancient ancestors to live shows and the endless number of streaming services available to us today, music is an integral part of the human experience.

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing all kinds of uplifting music of late, ranging the gamut. Over the weekend of April 28 – May 2, several friends and I spent time in St. Barth’s in the Caribbean where music is in the air practically everywhere. A highlight was Sunday afternoon at Nikki Beach, a world-renowned restaurant and beach club, encompassing celebration, sophistication and excitement. The resident DJ started spinning upon opening at noon and didn’t let up till closing at 7 p.m., joined by a sax player who roamed the room and beach to enhance the experience.

On a cute note, after weeks of rehearsing, led by music teacher Marnie White, Aspen Elementary School’s High Mountain Harmony Choir performed on Thursday, May 12, at the Aspen District Theatre. During the day, there was a 1:30 p.m. show for students and faculty, followed by an evening performance at 5:30 p.m. for parents, family and friends, which I attended. The third and fourth grade participants memorized all the lyrics for their 30-minute show, wore matching t-shirts designed by one of their classmates and music programs designed by several of the students and sang springtime songs in beautiful harmony.

On the other side of the spectrum, a friend and I caught Cut Copy at the Ogden Theatre in Denver on Sunday, May 15. The Grammy-nominated musical act from Melbourne, Australia, with 1,000+ sold out headline shows expressed their happiness to be back on tour after a hiatus the past two years. Belting out hits like “Lights and Music,” and “Hearts on Fire,” to new releases “Like Breaking Glass,” and “Cold Water,” they put on an electrifying set complemented by quite the light show for which they’re famous.

Looking forward to more musical encounters this season, including seeing Thievery Corporation this Friday, May 27, on the lawn at The Surf Hotel in Buena Vista, just a short trip over Independence Pass, scheduled to open the day prior for the summer.

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