Mountain Mayhem: Summer Days |

Mountain Mayhem: Summer Days

May Selby

Before sharing news and updates from events of late, I extend my sincerest appreciation for this tight-knit and supportive community who banded together when the Lake Christine Fire broke out last week. While this terrifying fire spread midvalley, it consumed my thoughts as I went through the motions of working on the Fourth of July, just down the street in Aspen. I’m blown away by the incredible efforts of the nearly 400 firefighters who helped salvage hundreds of homes and thousands of lives and eternally grateful by these heroic efforts.

On Independence Day, the annual parade made its way through Aspen with a strong showing of participants of all ages, skills and interests. From Anderson Ranch Arts Center to U.S. Veterans to the Monkeys Ski Gang, there was a float of every flavor and streets lined with locals and visitors to greet them. Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) hosted a special guest for the Fourth of July, John Martinson, a partner of RMI and ex-CEO of the China Mist Tea Co., arrived in town in a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with his son, Neo. They just kicked off a 6,000-mile, entirely carbon-free road trip across the Western U.S. and Canada to raise awareness on sustainability and climate protection, while combating the notion of range anxiety. Carefully plotted between supercharger stations, John and Neo’s journey will overturn concerns around electric vehicles and range anxiety, while also being carbon-neutral, if not net-positive. Their journey will promote Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and raise funds for Rocky Mountain Institute, two organizations providing rigorous thought leadership and innovation in sustainability.

The Aspen Saturday Market is underway now through Oct. 6 for its 19th year. Agriculture and artisans fill the streets from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Saturday, and all offer Colorado-made, -grown and -produced products. Visit for details.

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