Mountain Mayhem: Rocktober |

Mountain Mayhem: Rocktober

by May Selby
Kimbo Brown-Shirato and Jason Shirato with baby Taylor Grace. Chris Cohen photo.

This month began with a bang (to the tune of a fresh blanket of snow on the first of October) and will close with a grand celebration (hint: it’s a locals’ favorite holiday on the 31st).

In between bookends, there have been several weeks of transitions with the changing of the seasons.

Locals Sean Solon and Kat Fitzgerald welcomed baby twins Georgia Ela Adams Solon and Harvey John Adams Solon on Oct. 2.

The Aspen Saturday Market wrapped for 2017 on Oct. 7, bringing downtown to a more dormant pace on Saturdays. Though then again, town has swelled the past few weekends with children from all over Colorado here to compete in hockey tournaments.

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies presented its annual Harvest Party at Rock Bottom Ranch on Oct. 14. While families enjoyed the festive atmosphere at the ranch, the weather was a bit unfavorable. As a result, ACES has listed its unsold silent auction items online this year. If you were out of town for the event or didn’t have a chance to peruse auction items in the pole barn, take this opportunity to support ACES Ed. Proceeds of ACES’ online auction will benefit year-round science education in 57 regional schools, reaching over 5,000 kids. Visit to learn more.

See you out and about on Halloween, a legendary celebration for all the ages in Aspen.

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