Mountain Mayhem: Precious Moments |

Mountain Mayhem: Precious Moments

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
MarySue Bonetti and godson Remy Selby with a football cake she baked for his birthday party.
A cute crew gathered at Rio Grande Field for a sports-themed birthday party on June 5.
Aila Hinderberger and Lea Tucker play lacrosse at Rio Grande Field.
Dottie Wolcott and Samantha Johnston at The Elks Lodge.
Amy Laha, Maria Wimmer and Jeanne McGovern at Dottie Wolcott’s send-off party.
Toasting to great times with The Aspen Times – Shannon Asher, Carolyn Sackariason, Austin Colbert, Amy Laha, Dottie Wolcott, Ben Welch, Rose Laudicina, Samantha Johnston, Maria Wimmer, Allison Patillo, Jeanne McGovern and David Krause.
Jack Danneberg and Katie Cassetta at Buena Vista’s Surf Hotel for their first concert on the lawn this summer starring Thievery Corporation.
Laurie Goodrich, Tripp Freeman and Jim Terrell at Buena Vista’s Surf Hotel for their first concert on the lawn this summer starring Thievery Corporation.
Thievery Corporation performs at Buena Vista’s Surf Hotel for their first concert on the lawn this summer on May 27.

I keep finding myself saying yes to last minute adventures and accepting invitations to celebrations from baby showers to birthday parties to retirement send-offs to live music performances. Each and every occasion tends to be a precious moment in itself as the world continues to embrace and connect after many cancellations over the past couple of years.

On May 26, longtime Aspen Times office manager Dottie Wolcott wrapped up 40 years in Aspen and 29 of them at the paper with a retirement party at The Elks Lodge. Past and current staff from The Times and many friends from over the years came by to honor our loyal colleague and den mother, so to speak, at the evening gathering. “I can’t talk, I’ll cry,” said Wolcott as I fared her well with her move to the Gulf Coast of Florida. She will be missed and also be a part of the fabric of Aspen and The Aspen Times.

On May 27, my husband and I headed over Independence Pass for a quick overnight to see Indie band Thievery Corporation play on the lawn at The Surf Hotel. Given the short distance to Buena Vista, it wasn’t a surprise to see several Aspen friends at the show, which took place next to the Arkansas River where kayakers played on the waves and facing the boutique hotel with guests watching from the balconies and gathered on the grass to dance. The hospitable demeanor of the entire production at The Surf Hotel – from the hotel staff to the parking lot attendants to the ticket checkers to the concessions team to the crowd made for a special night under the stars.

And on June 5, our son Remy celebrated his ninth birthday with a few close friends at a party he planned from start to finish. Choosing the theme of sports, he asked everyone to come wearing a uniform from their favorite team or their favorite team’s colors. Remy wore his beloved Jalen Hurts jersey, QB for the Philadelphia Eagles even though we have no ties to the City of Brotherly Love aside from friends there. Others came in soccer jerseys, basketball tanks and shorts, fan apparel from hockey and baseball teams and tennis clothes as it was also the day of the men’s final match at The French Open. All the kids rotated from shooting hoops on the basketball courts to kicking balls on the soccer fields to playing football and lacrosse, enjoying being active and happy and just as kids being kids. Love those precious moments.