Mountain Mayhem: Offseason Potpourri

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
Former Aspenites Heath and Charlotte Delay dining at Hillstone in Denver.
Hitting up Williams & Graham, a craft cocktail bar hidden behind a bookshelf, in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.
The Denver Art Museum’s expanded and reimagined campus is now open, following a $175 million renovation.
Musicians Gary Moore, Pete Thomas and Paul Boneau practice at a jam session in their studio at Marolt Housing.
Dave Ellsweig and Kate Handy Lesher at Campo di Fiori this fall.
Vanderbilt reunion in Aspen – a crew from the class of 1994 celebrates their friendship this fall in the mountains – Sarah Grip, Lucy Roberts, Nicole Whidden, Susan Benton, Kate Lesher and Colleen Clare Irvin.
Nina Gabianelli with the Aspen Historical Society guides an Aspen Elementary School through Red Butte Cemetery right before Halloween.
Maria Tucker, Kim Edwards, Lea Tucker, Vanessa Sorensen, Derek Leavitt and John Stillwell on the Elks Club rooftop this fall.
The brand new playground at Herron Park that recently opened, geared toward 2- to 5-year-olds, as well as the 5- to 12-year-old set.
Friends from college, Lucy Belding and Tita McCarty, reunite for lunch this fall at The Little Nell.

After an action-packed summer in Aspen that kept up straight into September, the lull of off-season serves as a bit of a relief. Weather pending, now is a great time to hike, bike, reunite with friends, relax fireside, watch football, jam as a band, spend time at the park and playground and gradually transition from the warm weather into ski season.

With many restaurants and hotels taking a shoulder season break in Aspen, escaping to Denver is a great respite for a cultural getaway. I drove down last weekend and enjoyed visiting The Denver Art Museum’s (DAM) expanded and reimagined campus, a $175 million makeover, that recently reopened to the public, unveiling seven levels of its Lanny & Sharon Martin Building and the new Anna & John J. Sie Welcome Center. While in the Mile High City, we made a stop at Williams & Graham’s speakeasy in the Highlands neighborhood, arriving to a bookstore that leads to a hidden craft cocktail bar behind the shelves. And dined with friends at a favorite haunt – Hillstone restaurant in Cherry Creek, a sister restaurant to White House Tavern in Aspen.