Mountain Mayhem: Office-minded |

Mountain Mayhem: Office-minded

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
The husband-wife team behind The Aspen Office, George Raptis and Emily Bibb.
Sara Lowe and Avery Nelson.
Lauren Baldwin and Emily Bibb beside the soundproof office phone booth.
Writer Brooke Danielson with Rachel Naidus of Aspen Luxury Concierge.
Jamay Shook and Amanda Rae Busch in the boardroom at The Aspen Office.
The tastefully decorated Aspen Office features a salon wall, a concept that originated in France in the 19th century when aspiring artists showed their work at the Paris Salon.
Hard working moms Tess Weaver, Jamay Shook, Carlie Umbarger and Jessica Owings.
Aspen Office co-founder, Emily Bibb, at center, surrounded by guests at a ladies night soirée.

You won’t want to set your “out of office” notifications once you’ve stepped into the new Aspen Office on Main Street, kitty corner from the Hotel Jerome. This stylish new workspace draws you in from the get go, offering desk rental space by the month. It’s the creation of New York transplants George Raptis and Emily Bibb who recently relocated to Aspen to pursue a post-pandemic life. As founders of New York-based remote work startup Curated, the husband-wife team was longing for community and connection and created this “luxury workspace for the modern nomad.”

On a rainy evening last week, Emily hosted a spring happy hour, inviting a group of like-minded women for wine and canapés, starting the soirée at 5 o’clock sharp.

“It’s our gift to Aspen,” she said about the recently renovated, second story space, which features a central gathering area with a skylight and personal desks that face a salon-style wall of historic Aspen photos. There’s also a dining table in the middle, a kitchen across the room plus a soundproof phone booth like you’d see in an open-plan urban office. A boardroom is awash in white with wintry wallpaper and contemporary furniture and fixtures, as well as individual rooms with balconies. Situated right above Aqualina, a staircase connects the Italian restaurant with them, making take-out ultra convenient for dinners or events.

“The inspiration for The Aspen Office was to create a space that felt special enough to bring you back into an office (post-pandemic), while honoring the heartbeat of Aspen – connection,” they said.

“We’ve met so many cool people through this process,” Emily added, which has been the best part of all.

Follow @theaspenoffice on Instagram to see photos and visit to learn more.

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