Mountain Mayhem: New Month, New Decade |

Mountain Mayhem: New Month, New Decade

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
The Aerobics Queens in full 80s regalia. The Little Nell's team scored all tens from the judges, taking second place in the Aspen Gay Ski Downhill Costume Competition.
Matt Power photo

A friend of mine was visiting from Los Angeles in December during a stream of social events including Canada Goose’s “Out There Cinema-Aspen” screening on the upper gondola plaza Dec. 13, The World Snow Polo Championships hosted by the St. Regis with events also held at the W Aspen and on and on. “Aspen really just goes from one event to the next, right?” he asked. The answer is yes, and as we’ve entered the New Year and new decade, the steady stream of festivities has continued. Not to mention fun gatherings with the many international guests who come for extended visits in the New Year, especially so from Australia and Brazil.

Aspen Film’s Academy Screenings moved from its traditional late December dates to Jan. 4 to 7, bringing award season contenders to the mountains for a showcase of some of the year’s highest quality cinematic achievements. Wintersköl, Aspen’s annual “toast to winter,” which dates back to a quiet January in 1951 when locals decided to celebrate Aspen’s unique Nordic lifestyle with an eclectic weekend of festivities, took place from Jan. 9 to 12 this year with Wintersculpt, fireworks and more. Aspen Gay Ski Week — or simply Ski Week as those in the know refer to it — took the town by storm from Jan. 12 to 19. And now, we welcome all of the X Gamers — event producers, athletes, families, fans, press, musicians and more from Jan. 23 to 26.

Happy 2020!