Mountain Mayhem: Mask Making

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

It looks as though wearing cloth face masks will be required for a while, which is all the more reason to wear ones that you like.

The CDC first recommended people wear masks when going out in public several weeks ago. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has followed suit, asking Coloradans to cover the basics by covering your mouth, covering your nose and also being creative about your mask to “make it cool.” Seamstresses and clothiers — both professional and amateur — have been working around the clock to produce them for family, friends, first responders and others. Locals Emily Taylor, Lara Whitley and Christy Mahon are among the Aspen contingent who have voluntarily begun sewing masks at home using the basic supplies of elastic, fabric and wire or pipe cleaners. Gretchen Cook of Los Angeles posted a selfie in a mask made by a friend who “has been sewing for years, was selling stuff in Dead show parking lots when we first met like 20 years ago” and is now making masks. Former Aspenite Kerry Brennan Novak, now living in Portland, Oregon, started making masks with 100 distributed so far and another 60 in production. “I’m going to continue to sew masks until I run out of everything I have or I can’t get more supplies. I donate everything I make and paid for all the shipping for masks sent out of state,” she said.

“Wearing masks has not been part of our culture,” said Dr. Kim Levin, the Pitkin County Medical Officer who’s shown below, “but we’re changing the social norm for the sake of saving lives.”

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