Mountain Mayhem: Love is in the air |

Mountain Mayhem: Love is in the air

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and love is still lingering in the air. To keep the spirit alive, I’ve rounded up a few tips to consider. For a romantic evening, dine in an igloo at Plato’s at Aspen Meadows or atop the rooftop at The Gant. Hit the hill and take the Silver Queen Gondola to the top then find your way to the Valentine’s Shrine hidden in the trees off Walsh’s to read the sonnet by Shakespeare on the swing itself and see the red, pink and white ribbons tied to the branches.

Occasionally, you’ll run into couples posing for photos after their proposal at the Overlook on Aspen Mountain like Daniela Garza and Rogelio Cazares when he surprised his bride-to-be with a ring on his birthday a few weeks ago. For another photo-op stop, swing by the ski lift on Ajax Tavern’s patio, adorned with a flower arch from Aspen Branch with Aspen Mountain as the breathtaking backdrop. Another romantic idea, book a sommelier-led experience in the wine cellar at The Nell, also known as the Red Light Lounge for its red-hued tasting room, a nod to the Red Light District, which used to be in the very same part of town back in Aspen’s mining days.

The igloo atop The Gant seats up to two couples for a romantic private dining experience.
A cozy dinner in the igloo at The Gant — Maureen Poschman, Randy Weissman, May Selby and Hannah Dixon.
Daniela Garza and Rogelio Cazares of Laredo, Texas, atop Aspen Mountain where the bride-to-be was surprised with a ring on her groom-to-be’s birthday on Jan. 11.
A group of Mexican media visiting Aspen in January with a private tasting in the wine cellar at The Nell.
Two pairs of Valentines — Alana Bly and Drew Milstein with Ivana Alessi and Bubba Collins.
Kathy Fry of Snowmass Village sporting her cute pink ASPENX sweater on the slopes.
The Galentines in the Valentine’s Shrine on Aspen Mountain.
Just engaged: This cute couple paused to pose for a photo after becoming betrothed in Aspen on Feb. 9.