Mountain Mayhem: Food & Wine 2019 |

Mountain Mayhem: Food & Wine 2019

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

Where to begin? Every year, the entire Food & Wine Classic in Aspen weekend encompasses oh-so-much and this one was no exception. From the seminars set all over town to the Grand Tastings in Wagner Park to the official parties and even the rogue ones, Aspen is a feast for the senses for several days every June. As Mark Oldman, a popular wine expert, author and Food & Wine Classic seminar speaker, stated at lunch one afternoon, it’s “the Food & Wine Classic moments that are the most special.” In reference to those intimate times when you find yourself surrounded by inspiring characters, discussing topics of interest — they truly are the most priceless encounters. Thank you to the city of Aspen, Meredith Corporation, Food & Wine magazine, and all involved who bring this exceptional experience to town every summer and present opportunities for such moments to exist.

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