Mountain Mayhem: Evening on the Lake

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ACES' original leaders, Tom and Jody Cardomone. MarySue Bonetti photo.
MarySue Bonetti

For the past 50 years, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) has been rooted in the community with its preservation, protection and conversation focused on our natural world and environmental education. In celebration of the golden anniversary, many occasions dot the ACES calendar this year, the most notable being Evening on the Lake on Thursday, July 11.

Held at ACES’ Hallam Lake campus, the evening centered on sustainable dining and celebrating under the stars. To all’s chagrin, keynote speaker Paul Hawken was unable to arrive in time, though ACES CEO Chris Lane honored his work and let the show go on as he presented awards to several longtime contributors to the organization. Original directors Tom and Jody Cardomone were the first to be recognized with a carved eagle statue as a gift. ACES Founder Elizabeth Paepcke was honored with an Environmental Visionary Award in her name, bestowed upon Anna and John Doerr.

Also thanked from the stage was the host committee, comprising Amy Berg, Jeff Berkus, Ella Brittingham, Jackie Bucksbaum. Jessica Budinger, Nicholas DuBrul, Ryan Elston, Melony Lewis, Kim Master, Gina Murdock, Margot Pritzker, Daniel Shaw, Rachel Sherman and Tillie Walton for their dedication to ACES. Lane also extended a special thanks to Field 2 Fork Kitchen, Margerum Wines, Woody Creek Distillers and Aspen Sojourner for their support with the 50th-anniversary success.

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