Mountain Mayhem: Celebrate it all

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

No occasion’s too big or too small — I say celebrate them all!

From a surprise marriage proposal to crossing the line at an endurance race to staying in business thanks to a busy summer to just getting together with friends, all is cause for pause and celebration.

Best wishes to the newly betrothed Dave De L’Arbre and Meaghan Lynch, who got engaged while staying at the Ojai Valley Inn in California in July. What fun to welcome former locals back for visits, such as Rachel Rogers Supple who road-tripped with her family out West in July. Cheers to hard workers like Jill Carnevale from Ellina whose outdoor seating expanded this season, which kept her restaurant humming through the summer. Congratulations to local Charlie Lucarelli, who ran the Grand Traverse Mountain Run last Saturday, Sept. 5, and Jonathan Fillman and Eddie Brackett who crushed the Crested Butte Mountain Bike on Sunday, Sept. 6, after months of dedicated training. And a toast to great friends like Melony Lewis, Victoria Tuddenham, Janine Bourke, Julia Pirrung, Lauren Elston and Anna Hansen for keeping spirits upbeat.

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