Mountain Mayhem: An ‘around the world’ party

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

A spirited group of friends gathered at Difficult Campground on Saturday, Aug. 24, to take part in a 50th birthday party honoring Aspen local Sarah Manning. Nicknamed “Pilot” for her day job flying planes, Sarah was celebrated at the “Around the World”-themed evening, in keeping with her line of work and love for travel. Over the course of her career and time living here, Sarah and friends have voyaged to far-flung destinations such as the Philippines, New Zealand and Morocco. In commemoration of such memorable adventures, all celebrated through food, drink and décor reminiscent of their shared travels. For example, one campsite served cocktails from a tiki bar, as well as fresh Fijian ceviche aka Kokoda. It also featured a replica of the Tui Tai sailing schooner, which Sarah and friends spent a week on touring Fiji back in 2009. Another tailgate offered a nod to Hanalei, Kauai, with piña coladas and fresh fish dishes in tribute to the popular Pat’s Taqueria there. A third campsite offered a spread of elk fondue and Peruvian cocktails. As the sky shifted from sunset to a starry night with the Milky Way in view, the Difficult Campground hosts ventured over to the festivities to mingle, noting the vibrant get-together was “by far the best party we’ve seen here all summer!”

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