Mountain Mayhem: A Sterling Silver Anniversary |

Mountain Mayhem: A Sterling Silver Anniversary

01: Lenny Kravitz jams with his horns section at JAS.

Reflecting on a fun-filled Labor Day weekend, I’d like to give Jazz Aspen Snowmass a round of applause for creating a 25th anniversary celebration with a line-up with legs. After a quarter-century of presenting the festival in all of its incarnations — with more of a Jazz slant in the early days, drawing inspiration from its sister festival in Mariac, France, to the five-day long fete in the years with Widespread Panic and when there was the traditional reggae Monday to the 2015 edition, it’s been an interesting journey.

Personally, I feel fulfilled from this year’s festival, having caught two acts on my live act bucket list. As a longtime Gwen Stefani fan, seeing the singer/songwriter, fashionista, reggae loving, punk rock princess backed by her band No Doubt was a highlight, boosted by her energetic performance that commanded the crowd’s enthusiasm and participation. Lenny Kravitz’s rousing show Sunday night touched on the myriad musical styles he embraces from rock to soul to R&B to pop. As JAS’ executive director Jim Horowitz mentioned to me over the weekend, this will be a tough act to follow, but I’d say we can have faith they’ll keep things interesting as they’ve continued to do all this time.

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