Mountain Mayhem: A Cloud Nine Pop-Up Party in Dallas |

Mountain Mayhem: A Cloud Nine Pop-Up Party in Dallas

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
Liz and Scott Kimple brought the 80s fashion and the champagne gun.
Deborah and John Scott, co-founders of Park House, came up with the clever idea for a Cloud Nine themed party!
Tommy Tollesson with Dawn Blankenship.
Rob Bourquin and Susie Taylor of Aspen.
May Selby with Angie and Jeff Ratliff of Dallas who frequently visit Aspen.
Friends Danny Becker and Mary Virginia Reid of Aspen.
Birthday boy Nathan Walters, Deborah and John Scott and Katie Walters.
Emily Fritz in the red longjohns rallies friends for a shotski - drink of choice: espresso martinis.
Bill and Lisa Ogle alongside Megan and Brady Wood who are co-founders of Park House.
Wendy Weinman and Julie Lieberman.

While ski season wound down in Aspen with closing weekend at Snowmass, an après-ski gathering wound up – in Dallas of all places.

Park House, a private social club in the leafy neighborhood of Highland Park, presented a Cloud Nine Pop-Up on Saturday, April 24. Trading in views of the Maroon Bells from Cloud Nine’s deck for views of downtown Dallas from the Park House rooftop, the scenery was a bit different though the apparel remained the same. Members and guests of Park House dressed to the nines in their finest après-ski attire to celebrate in one-pieces, faux fur coats, bikini tops, Viking hats, Hawaiian shirts and more. Wearing his signature pink, Cloud Nine general manager Tommy Tollesson brought his Entourage Rosé, trucker hats and the après-ski spirit.

“We were thrilled to partner with Cloud Nine, Tommy and Entourage Róse to bring an amazing après-ski experience to Dallas,” said Deborah Scott, co-founder of Park House. “Many of our members are Aspen regulars who are very familiar with fun afternoons in C9’s iconic little chalet! A little bit of Aspen in 80 degree TX weather!”

Now where to plan the next destination pop-up?