Meet Your Liftie: Tess Trentham |

Meet Your Liftie: Tess Trentham

Rose Anna Laudicina

Name: Tess Trentham

Lift location: Ruthies or top of Shadow Mountain/Lift 1A

How long have you worked as a liftie? Just this year; I started in November.

Where are you from: Originally Florida, but I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past two years.

What inspired you to come out to Aspen? It’s my brain break. I’m a physical therapist so this is like my brain break I get to hang out for a little bit. So this is kind of just a job in between just to have fun, get on the mountain. (My boyfriend and I) have a few friends here. My boyfriend is an LA County lifeguard and Ben is an instructor over in Snowmass so he inspired us to get out here, and then me and my boyfriend are ultra runners so we were kind of drawn to the mountains around here for skinning and stuff like that

Do you ski or snowboard? Snowboard – I just started. When you get out here everyday it’s pretty easy to get good pretty quick

What has surprised you about Aspen? I mean, it’s just as cold as I thought it would be. I feel like it’s more hometown-y than what everyone portrays. Because it’s portrayed like LA, but it’s like definitely not, it’s interesting. They have everything you would have in LA but it’s not LA, it’s cool.

How do you stay warm working at the lift? Layers, lots of layers, but other than that hand warmers, warm drinks.

What’s your most memorable interaction with a guest so far? It’s nice when you’ve been working … cause I only work the same lifts, Ruthies and top of 1 … and you get to know who comes through here which is really cool. I’ve meet some who only come through Ruthies and 1A, which is really nice because you build relationships with them, you see them around town, it’s cool!

When you’re not working at the lifts what are you up to? Normally over at Highlands hitting the bowl.