Meet Your Liftie: Nic Kingsbury

Name: Nic Kingsbury

Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota

Lift location: High Alpine, Snowmass

How old are you? 25. This is my third year as a liftie.

What’s your Aspen story? I got here in 2015 to come up to ski and I haven’t left. I never had been to Aspen before and I just fell into the culture.

Where do you live? I live here in Snowmass to the commute is really easy.

What has surprised you about Aspen? How friendly everybody is. Everybody really gets along. It’s a great community to be a part of.

When did you learn to ski/snowboard? I learned how to ski when I was 4 years old at Keystone, actually, not Minnesota. When I came out here, I was a snowboarder but I’ve switched back over to skiing.

What’s your best night out in Aspen consisted of? Going to a nice restaurant and then Belly Up. I’ve got a couple of shows coming up in March that I’m going to.

What’s your most memorable interaction with a guest so far? I’ve taken a few laps on my break with guests. They love it. Go out, do a lap and show them around a little bit.

What’s your favorite thing about being a liftie? It’s really mellow and nice and I get to see everybody on the hill and you meet a lot of new people most of the year.

What’s your best tricks for staying warm? When every I get cold or bored, I always have a shovel in my hand. Staying active, keep moving.

Aspen Times Weekly

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