Meet Your Liftie: Kristiana King |

Meet Your Liftie: Kristiana King

Name: Kristiana King

Age: 24

Where did you move to Aspen from: South Carolina.

Lift location: Silver Queen Gondola, Aspen Mountain.

How long have you worked as a liftie? This is my first season.

What inspired you to come out to Aspen? I was in Yellowstone for the summer and so I wanted to do something else seasonal and I thought Aspen would be really cool, come snowboarding.

Do you ski or snowboard? Snowboard. I’ve (been snowboarding) for three or four years but not regularly.

Do you live in town? I do. I live in employee housing.

How do you stay warm working at the lift? Handwarmers and layers.

What has surprised you about Aspen? The beauty, which that’s not really surprising because I know that, but the people are really cool. Everyone that I have met has been really nice.